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Reporting Services



Cloud Accounting
Xero Cloud Accounting
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Our consultants are expert at design and automation.  We aim to significantly reduce the cost of recordkeeping to your business and to improve the value of your financial reports.  Analysis of data is in our blood and we will help give insight to your business to improve profitability and financial control.
FGC has experience of a large number of accounting platforms.  For small to medium sized clients FGCs has partnered with Xero to provide cloud based accounting services.  Key benefits include automated transaction feeds, always up to date bookkeeping, integrated invoicing and reporting and the ability to access your records from wherever you may be.  Xero integrates with a large number of third party software offerings at low cost to add value to your business.
Portfolio benchmarking and risk analysis
Investment Reporting and Analysis


Our consultants have designed and implemented investment monitoring and reporting systems for some of Europe's leading banks and can help to improve compliance and performance in your business whether large or small. 


FGC can provide on-going monitoring, one off heath checks and reviews and help to improve your existing reporting. 


Our portfolio and fund performance analysis reports are tailored to suit your requirements whether that be in-house monitoring, board reports or end clients.  We are experts at benchmarking returns and providing analysis against risk - making risk concepts easy to understand and to communicate - all to ensure that you act on time for the benefit of your clients. 

System implementation, Report Design, Management Consulting
Whether you are looking to implement a new system, design new reports, monitor regulatory requirements or seek assistance to review how the status quo might be improved we are here to help. 
We have expertise running large projects to implement and automate investment reporting, bookkeeping, accounting and document management.  Critically we seek to save your staff time - creating early warning systems which make clear to your team those matters needing attention so that your business spends time on what matters most.
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KPIs and Data Visualisations
Having great systems and data is one thing.  Making sense of it and acting on it is another.  We have a passion for making data understandable to those who need to act on it and integrating this within everyday processes so that it is understood and acted on with the benefit of:-
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced risk
  • Cost savings
  • Improved Sales and Profitability


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